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Keeping your bike well maintained is the best way to get trouble free cycling for many years.

If you’re doing a lot of miles or you’re doing extreme routes things wear out. By changing your chain regularly you will avoid having to replace more costly items such as the cassette or chain ring.

Puncture £6 (doesn’t include replacement tube)

New tyre fitted £10 (not including tyre or tube)

Brake cable replaced £10 (includes a non branded cable does not include a genuine shimano cable)

Gear cable replaced £30 (shimano rapid gear changer typeincludes genuine shimano cable kit)

Brakes pads replaced £10 per wheel (inludes pads/blocks)

Hydraulic brakes bled £10 per wheel (includes brake fluid)

New chain supplied and fitted £30

Bronze Service £35 This service includes full inspection of your bike, lubricate and adjust all cables, and levers. Pedals lubricated. Drivetrain cleaned and lubricated. Small parts such as cables and brake pads included.

Silver Service £60 As above also wheels removed and hubs cleaned, checked, greased.

Gold Service £95 As above including removing chain deep clean of drivetrain components (rear and front derailleur)

Local call out available for basic repairs if you’re stuck in and you can’t get your wheels to the shop. (Shanklin area)